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After retiring from the Canadian Forces, my wife, daughter and I moved to Twillingate. Both my wife and I are avid gardeners and in short time began to make flowerbeds and a vegetable garden.

There were only two trees and a shrub on this piece of property when we bought it, a balsam fir, a red maple and an old gnarly French Lilac. The wind was so severe here in the fall and winter that we knew we would soon need more trees and shrubs for a windbreak. This windbreak proved to be the beginning of our love for growing trees. I started with Shining Willows, Theve's Poplar and White Spruce, then added Birch, Larch and Scotch pine.

It didn't look like much in the beginning; we had trees that reached for the sky at a whopping 6 inches with trunks almost as big as pencils. However, with time and constant care, those tiny trunks soon began to cast shadows.

Initially I started growing trees just to fill up my acre of land and create my windbreak. But I soon found myself growing more than I could use. This prompted me to seriously consider starting my own tree and shrub nursery. That was the beginning of Gerry's Tree and Shrub Nursery. Since 2003 we've been growing trees and shrubs from seeds and cuttings. We now grow approximately 600 to 700 trees and shrubs annually; some native, some introduced and we are continuously adding new varieties. In our nursery you'll also see tree that are not yet marketable, but because of our limited space we have to put everything together.

Our trees are sold in three gal pots and our shrubs are sold in 2 gal pots. They retail for 15 and 10 dollars respectively and include HST.

We also sell gift certificates. We normally open July 1.

Here is a list of some of the trees we sell:

American Mountain Ash Amur Cork Tree Austrian Pine Big Tooth Maple
Black Locust Black Walnut Butternut Chokecherry
Colorado Spruce Eastern White Pine European Beech European Larch
European Mountain Ash Evan's Cherry Golden Chain Tree Green Ash
Honey Locust Horse Chestnut Japanese Black Pine Japanese Larch
Japanese Red Pine Norway Maple Norway Spruce Paper Birch
Radiant Crabapple Red Cedar Red Maple Red Oak
Red Pine Sergeant's Crabapple Scotch Pine Siberian Pea Tree
Silver Maple Striped Maple Sugar Maple Sycamore
White Ash White Cedar White Spruce

Here is a list of some of the shrubs we sell:

Black Current Black Elderberry Bloodtwig Dogwood Bridal Wreath Spirea
Burning Bush Forsythia 'Northern Gold' French Lilac Gooseberry
High Bush Cranberry Hydrangea 'Annebelle' Hydrangea 'Grandiflora' Japanese Dwarf Flowering Quince
Japanese Tree Lilac Lilac 'President Grevy' Mock Orange Mugho Pine
Ninebark 'Dart's Gold' Ninebark 'Diablo' Potentilla 'Abbotswood' Potentilla 'Goldfinger'
Purple Sandcherry Saskatoon Silverleaf Dogwood Snowball Bush
Spirea 'Goldflame' Virginia Creeper Weigelia 'Bristol Ruby' Weigelia 'Java Red'
Weigelia Minuet